Transformative Breathwork Therapist

Mostly in Istanbul

Her questions revolved around the nature of existence and the human psyche as early as a child. She discovered further and experimented through journeys around the world, while becoming a design-thinker by profession (Product Designer). She authored a travel book with the pen name Fer Insanoğlu, about the inner journey of experimenting with alternative ways of living in correspondence with her travel to India. She then dived into a vast field of inner practices, working with the mind, body and soul;  including different meditations and breathing techniques, energy balancing, un-coding the subconscious patterns, and different schools of mysticism.

In 2016, she met with  Transformative Breathwork. Mesmerized by its quick and profound effect, she found it to be an efficient compilation of all the previous methods she worked with. On 2018 she got her education on being an applier of the technique and Mind Coaching from Beşire Bulut and got accredited by St Clements University. She kept feeding her approach with material from methods such as Non-violent Communication, Presence Process, The Work by Byron Katie, Mindful Self Compassion, holistic psychology, scientific research on biology, neurology, epigenetics and more. She continues learning practices in the areas of Psychology, Child Development, and Sociology.  

Currently she finds it thrilling to accompany people’s transformation towards their full potential, authentic selves. So she set aside her profession as a Product Designer to prioritize the journey of breath and life. Her investigation on the practical ways of obtaining and maintaining emotional wellbeing and a joyous state of life continues as she shares the experience of what she learns. Meanwhile she dances, travels, makes music and arts, and enjoys living and learning. 


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