During a breathwork session, one might experience the release of pent up emotions and subconscious traumas; get a brighter and clearer sight of their experiences and acquire a wiser approach to their stuck problems from within; feel energized and in a positive state of mind afterwards, with increased self love; or even observe a physical healing in the body.

Book a Session

Please see the page fully for all info and warnings before the session.

A session takes around 60-90 mins & includes:

  • Personal inner coaching on a matter of your choice.
  • Guided active breathwork specific to your breathing pattern. 
  • Your breath analysis and feedback.

The price for a single session is 70$

You can select the date from the calender and then complete your booking  by doing the payment via Stripe within an hour (buttons below).

Continuity of the practice is highly advised. For the journey to get more profound and to experience fully expanding benefits, you can choose from the package options below. 

In continous sessions, we will be diving deeper into transforming your repeating life patterns with coaching tools, beginning from intention setting, to digging into subconscious conditioning and reforming, accessing negative core beliefs and transforming, releasing past emotional pain, and so on, as we get further in sessions.

Changing Vibes Pack (4 Weekly Sessions) is 259$

Transformation Pack (10 Weekly Sessions) is 599$


Single Session 4 Pack: Changing Vibes 10 Pack: Transformation
1 Session
4 Weekly Sessions
10 Weekly Sessions
Price Per Session
Total Price
Discount Amount
%8 Discout
%15 Discount

Talk to me about anything on your mind...

For Best Experience:

  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Preferably don’t be too hungry or too full.
  • Be well rested.
  • Wear headphones during the session for more efficient hearing.
  • Be in a private setting that you can lay down and place the camera to your side in a way that I can see your body. (A bed, or a couch, or even a yoga mat on the floor is fine.)
  • Have pillows to support your back, and a blanket and an eyeband if you wish, to cover yourself in the deep meditation part in the end.
  • Have a clear mind, no high on substances.
  • Drink lots of water after the session.
  • Have a pen and paper ready to do some writing after the session. 
You can decide a certain topic or area of your life that you want some resolution in before coming to the session.

Notify Me If...

  • you are pregnant beyond 3 months
  • you have a diagnosed mental disorder
  • you have severe asthma or panic attacks
  • you actively receive chemotherapy
  • you have any illness that you specifically want to work on,

for me to guide you in the best way suited for you.

See you soon!

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