Transformative Breathwork

Breathwork is a miraculous catalyst for one's journey towards their full potential, authentic selves. With breathwork, we unlearn the conditioning that disrupts us from our core nature. We expand towards childhood bliss and freedom with our conscious and present selves.  

Any problems that arise in life relates back to our breathing habits. Your reactions to life affect the flow of your breath, and vice versa.  So you can flow through life only as well as the breath that can flow through you. That is why we do breathwork, to put it all back into alignment.  As the breath regains its natural connected state, any disorder the person is experiencing, emotional, mental, or physical begin to heal, including areas of life that feel stuck with repeating patterns.

How does the breath do this?  Breath is the bridge between a person’s mind, body and soul.  A baby’s natural breathing is lost while growing up and learning to suppress negative emotions. We contract and hold our breath in order to stop feeling, and it turns into an unconscious habit that prevents our natural ability to heal and move forward on all levels. That is why a child can cry crazy over something and forget about it 5 mins later, while we fail to get a hurt out of our systems for months or even years. With the breathing sessions we do, the bridge between soul, body and mind is reestablished and what we experience as problems begin to perish. In fact the only real problem was the disconnection itself; and once the communication restarts, the system repairs itself affecting the mental, emotional and physical.

Once the breath is broadened again, the past experiences are released. Letting go of the limiting thoughts that tightened your breath, allows you past to let go of controlling your present. All that was stuck in our lives begins to flow once we go through with the process and the breath flows free once again with its full potential, in our body.

How can you breathwork?

Time:  Contact me to schedule the session together. We will schedule apprx. 90 for the first session. 

Content: First we will do personal inner coaching on a matter of your choice. Then we will do a full breathwork session, spesific to your personal breathing pattern. Your consciousness works on removing the blockages for this intention during the breath session. Finally we’ll share feedback in both directions. Give me prior notice if you have a health issue that you would like us to focus on. 

*Continuity of the practice is very much advised so the journey will get more profound and you’ll experience expanding benefits.  We will be able to dive deeper with coaching tools, beginning from intention setting, to digging into subconscious conditioning, accessing negative core beliefs, releasing past emotional pain, and so on, as we get further in sessions.

Price: There are paying options available according to packages you choose. Please see booking page for details on these. 

Wear comfortable clothes. Preferably don’t be too hungry or too full. Wear headphones during the session for more efficient hearing. Have pillows to support your back, and a blanket and an eyeband if you wish, to cover yourself in the end. Have a clear mind, no high on substances.  Drink lots of water after the session.

Notify me if: 
~ you are pregnant beyond 3 months
~ you have a diagnosed mental disorder
~ you have severe asthma or panic attacks
~ you are above 65 years old
~ you actively receive chemotherapy
for me to guide you in the best way suited for you. 

You’ll find out about Irem right below, just after the subscription form 🙂

Time: You can join the weekly online group sessions on Sundays. The timing changes bi-weekly, so leave your mail below to get a notice about the schedule and to register. The event lasts around 2 hrs.

Content: As by nature, online group sessions will not be full breathwork sessions. It will be a place to connect with yourself, release held-up emotions, a generator of presence and liveliness in your life, transformation of some unconscious conditioning, and finding harmony. 

We will first go through how Transformative Breathwork works, talk some about our current inner agenda, do the breath session, and then finally share some feedback.

Price: The group sessions are held donation based so you decide to pay whatever price, based on your wealth and the value you feel is deserving of the experience.

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Transformative Breathwork Therapist

Mostly in Istanbul

Nesibe Irem Erdem experimented with a vast array of inner practices since 2012, after her first encounter with alternative states of consciousness. Working with the mind, body and soul, with many different techniques, in 2016, Nesibe met Transformative Breathwork Therapy. Mesmerized by its quick and profound effect, she found it to be an efficient compilation of all the previous methods she worked with. She became a facilitator of Transformative Breathwork Therapy and Subconscious Coaching in 2018, getting her education from Beşire Bulut Breathwork System in Turkey. Up untill this point, all her inquiries were only for her own inner journey. She kept feeding her approach with material from methods such as Mindful Self Compassion, Non-Violent Communication, The Work, Presence Process, Theta Healing, NLP,  scientific research on Biology, Neurology, Epigenetics and more. She continues learning in the areas of Holistic Psychology, Child Development and Sociology. 

In 2020 she set aside her profession as a Product Designer, and started offering facilitation of emotional proccesses for people through educations and custom sessions. Currently she finds it thrilling to accompany people’s transformation towards their unconditioned, full potential, authentic selves.  Simply because life this way is enchanting…  Her investigation on the practical ways of obtaining and maintaining emotional wellbeing and a joyous state of life continues as she shares the experience of what she learns. Meanwhile she travels, dances, writes, creates products, music and arts, while learning and enjoying life.


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